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Built by Hatred


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Demonstration of dominance over this world's failed species The little shits should fall, drown them in their own blood Making cuts with the cursed bayonet of destruction Rotting alive in the glare of a dying sun Purged with fire - cannot escape Peeling skin - horrific pain Rising tension that pumps the fear in the veins Skeletons slowly mouldering on the battlefield Glowing embers flying across the sky They can't defend themselves against our primeval rage Purged with fire - cannot escape Peeling skin - horrific pain Let the dead sea rise
Unit 731 02:58
Butchering the morality Failed, bizarre experiments, that cost many lifes A morbid research that can be others salvation Practicers of the forbidden science The whole body suffering from the endless light The mind is a powerful place, but a hammer can easily fracture it's shell The blood is no longer liquid Mortified, amputated frozen limbs, buried lies Coming alive from the nest of the evil This place is cursed Drink the last teardrop that shed by themis Code name: maruta, zero humaneness enforced Collect the children and pregnant women Inject the acid chemicals under their skin Blood transfusion from animals A foul oudor from gangrenous parts Incurable sick they'll be Let the logs suffer Stratch the hearts out Just to watch them bleed How should we bear this man-made burden? Live dissection without anesthetic Don't feel ashame if you can't ignore the pain anymore Subconscious, hollow screams A gruesome affliction This will left standing in disgrace Hell is here
A world has melt into a pile of grime And no one can rebuild it Close your eyes and let it end The universe is dead Suffocate in the gas that we produced Those open wounds won't heal All those haunted wars gave us misery Landscapes shattered into ashes Once I knew this land Darkness above, with steel jaws, Devours the blackened sun We cannot exist on this rotten ground anymore It cannot be stopped Black clouds rolls There's nothing can be done Sit and wait for salvation Doomsday upon us now What we left as a heritage for the next generation: A sick, fucked up planet That stands on the verge of extinction
The wild beasts of the front have gathered as one Their hearts don't beat Uncontrolled they sent into rage They pump bestiality and violence In the dirt, down on your face, ripping your guts out Thunderous rage drains the life and builds a graveyard Machine of death itself Built by hatred Marching over the dead, cannot be stopped Blood splashes, bones cracking Humiliating all the remnants In the filth, they're nothing more Than a byproduct of an endless war Machine of death itself Built by hatred As death conquers all the light Hell's inferno opens it's mouth Casting the grief and misery that this world deserves And the blood sea will rise Vultures of death circling in the sky Eating the flesh from something that once was called a human Unrecognizable corpses lying among debris Chaos, despair and sorrow, the only words that describes this world now
Massacre 04:49
Mentally sick, narrow minded fuckheads Takes control over the nations False prophecy, treacherous rules Dictate when and what you can do Engulfed by fate Ash covered sky Enveloping darkness in minds Ancient lies The innocent people Desperately begging for mercy But death was only guarantee They will suffer for blasphemy Blindly marching forward Killing and torturing all the non-believers In the name of the god Leaving a bloody carnage behind And leave millions without a family All hope is lost, fear fills the air Screams of the children echoes across the land Is this what your god wanted?
Depravity will be the new standard Eradicate, ravage your being Revulsion intensifies Persevere until we sweat blood Jubilate as you die The rumble of death has arrived The sum of all your fears Bones crack and split into pieces Raining teeth, blood and shit Enslaved screams appear Forward! We'll get your skull and rape your corpse After we strike, you will live a shallow form of life Yet your begging falls upon deaf ears This is the armored division To the end we will not stop Until you reach your timely demise Decapitate, rip out your spine And take a shit into that hole How wonderful you look now Forward! We'll get your skull and rape your corpse After we strike, you will live a shallow form of life Yet your begging falls upon deaf ears This is the armored division
High above the clouds Lurking in the blackened sky Watching the worthless worms As they infecting the ground With their jealousy and greediness If they could, they would take the sun away Face it now Embrace it Welcome your new emperor Nothing can break the strenght Of these darkened machine The surface of this cursed island Has destroyed by the black flame That was brought here by the creature Of the worst being of this earth: mankind Face it now Embrace it Welcome your new emperor Embrace the thought That you'll never be free again Hail to the only form of living That fuels the fires in hell Another world, a new place We'll conquer the freedom of yours Face it now Embrace it Welcome your new emperor
Deformed beyond recognition Skin has melt so horribly Behold the view of disgust Blood turning into ash Gaze into a blackened void Visions of hell were shown It reveal the dark side of life Where no man can stand It crawls on your tongue And grips it tight You cannot get rid off it Slowly it will suffocate you Breathing, impossible Penetrates with pain Spite filled eyes, cold and black Rip off your face


released September 11, 2020

James Narkø
Stefan Imperator



all rights reserved




NARKVLT is a Hungarian black metal project founded by Matt "James Narkø" in 2019. Although Stefan "Imperator" is not considered as a constant member of the project, because I wouldn't waste his time for this crap, he always featured on the albums.

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